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12 x Unique copper decorated Jack Daniels bottles with fairy lights


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£20.00 o.n.o.

Date listed

16 June 2018


Monique Luttin




As new


7 x 70cl, 5 x1ltr

We customised 7 x 70cl, 5 x1ltr Jack Daniels bottles with copper paint / copper tape - they look amazing! They come fitted with a string of fairy lights in each which sit in the top with a stopper.

Beautiful, unique detail to personalise your wedding! Something quirky we will guarantee no one else will have! I used these line paths and outdoor seating.

Ask me about other gorgeous bits i'm selling from our perfect wedding - vases, lanterns, candles, doughnut board, dancefloor sign, "Ceremony here, party there, love everywhere" sign, rugs etc!



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