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Mini Golf course - 4 holes

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£1,000.00 o.n.o.

Date listed

06 January 2019






Used once


Each hole 3.6m

4 mini golf holes

We used them for our wedding and they were a huge success, everyone had Freda fun playing on them.

all made from solid wood, painted white with green artificial grass

Width of each hole = 0.64m

Hole 1 - lighthouse with working light. Length = 3.6m (in 3 pieces)

Shape = dog leg left

Hole 2 = Milenium Dome

Length = 3.6m (in 2 pieces)

Shape = straight

Hole 3 = Tunnel

Length = 3.6m (2 pieces) - 5m including tunnel

Shape = straight

Hole 4 = Tower bridge with water jump (holds water)

Length = 4m (3 pieces)

Shape = straight 


Includes 9 golf clubs



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