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Assorted Glassware - 88 pieces

Erin _ Stephen-0073-105058

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£110.00 o.n.o.

Date listed

10 February 2019









An assortment of 79 glassware pieces, 6 metal candle holders and 3 ceramic tumblers, that will will bring bright and vivid colours to your wedding table decoration.

Included are candle holders, bottles, vases, jars and tumblers in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. They are beautifully made and will look delightful as part of any decoration.

Please note, we are not selling the wine glasses you can see in the picture.

Get in touch if you would like more information. 

What's included:

6 X white metal candle holders with hearts

3 X country heart ceramic tumblers

10 X jars with ribbons and hessian 

3 X large round candle holders

12 X milk bottles

2 X glass vases

5 X hanging bottles with string

5 X gold glass candle holders

8 X coloured glass tumblers

4 X gold jars with straps

12 X large blue tumblers

2 X large silver tumblers (1 is broken on one side)

14 X small coloured tumblers




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