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62 Rustic place names

Hannah & Ben - Kingscote Barn - Lee Hawley Photography-686

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Hannah & Ben - Kingscote Barn - Lee Hawley Photography-691


62 Place names of various sizes which we used for our wedding in August. We had surplus to our requirements and a few people left theirs behind (although most people took them as wedding favours!)


Log slices are roughly an inch thick and vary from 3 inches to 4 inches in diameter. Some sanded better than others, so we used a liquid chalk pen to write the names on. Some of the more absorbant discs you may need to go over twice with the chalk pen but I've added some photos so you can see the end result. I've also included our leftover chalkpaint in the box as its easier to paint over any mistakes!





Last updated

14 October 2021

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