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2 Wooden Ornate Oval Frames and 1 pale pink vintage frame for Photo Booth + 2 pale pink curtains with silver detail

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£30.00 o.n.o.

Date listed

01 December 2018






Very good and in perfect working order

We thought we would make and design our own photobooth and my partner thought at the time we were putting it up in the marquee, that I had finally lost my mind and the wedding planning had got to me :-)

But he quickly changed his mind when he saw the finished product and everyone absolotely loved it!!!

We took a big wicker basket and filled it with old vintage style hats we begged, borrowed and got from charity shops, feather bowers etc., 

I bought two pale pink Sheer curtains with a silver sparkle in it, got some curtain wire which i ran through the hem at the top and bottom and attached it to the marquee.. I then purchased some huge clip on roses (which I also have on the Table Plan) to keep the theme going... 

A few metres in front of the curtain I hung 3 frames, 1 round large, 1 oval large and 1 small rectangular pale frame which I painted with same paint as the Table Plan and hung them with beautiful hessian rope... I made up 3 bunches of artificial flowers and tied them with pink ribbon onto the farmes - just to make them more romantic and vintage

And it went down a storm, everyone loved it..... And when the weather turned nasty and we couldnt photograph outside I got our photographer to take loads of pictures of our guests posing... not long after, there was actually a queque forming... hilarious....

So I can supply the 

2 pale pink curtains with silver glitter detail, the wire for top and bottom to string, which stretched almost 4 metres, several large vintage clip on & pale peach

3 hanging frames, 2 large round and 1 rectangular + the rope we used...

I would recommend it to be collected, the round frames are huge

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