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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

I have just signed up as a seller and paid the PayPal fee, how do I start selling?
All you need to do is log in at the top right hand corner of the homepage, this will then take you into your seller account where you can list and edit items. Go to add item to add your first item. Please make sure that you have added it into a main category otherwise it will not let you proceed with listing the item. Remember pictures also need to be under 2mb in size. 

I want to buy something how do I contact a buyer?
You first need to create a free account. Once logged in, a contact seller button will appear at the bottom of the item you are looking at. Click on this button to send a message to the seller. They will then get back in touch with you via email. The 'Contact Seller' button is only viewable once you are logged in.

I have sold an item to someone how to I go about reqesting payment through PayPal?
We always recommend that you use PayPal to make transactions as it protects both parties (just in case something goes wrong, for example the item getting lost in the post). Once you have come to an agreement with a buyer with regards to a sale, all you need is an email address to request payment via PayPal. For step by step instructions on how to do this click here to go to the PayPal website.

I have signed up as a seller but didn't proceed with the PayPal payment how can I go back to do this?

Simply log in (top right hand corner of the homepage) with the email address and password you used when you first started to create an account. You just need to then click upgrade to change your account from the free (buyer) account to a seller account. This will then take you to PayPal where you can complete the seller sign up process and pay the sign up fee. Once you have done this you will be able to start adding items for sale.  

I live in another country can I still use your website to buy an item?

While we are a UK-based marketplace and the majority of our transactions do take place between UK buyers and sellers we have had some sales between our sellers and international buyers. However, as is the case in every transaction it is up to the seller if they want to proceed and are happy to post the item internationally. I would have thought most would be happy, as the cost of the postage/delivery is covered by the buyer anyway. We would always suggest asking the question in your initial enquiry.      

What do you mean by pre-loved?
By pre-loved we mean items that are gently used, essentially secondhand items. You can also upload items that you may have bought for a wedding but maybe never used or wore, so these items may still have their tags on. You may also have vintage items to sell for example your Grandma’s wedding dress. You may also have items to sell on behalf of other members of your wedding party or from other weddings that you have attended.

I don't want to sell my items, can I hire them instead?
Yes, simply create a seller account for £10 and then you can choose to list your items for sale or hire. At the top of each listing simply click either the sale or hire box. We recommend that you list your hire details or T&Cs in the listing. It is then up to you to negotiate the details directly with the buyer. Our 'hire' function is a new addition to the site so we will be looking to develop this area over the coming months. 

I have a wedding hire business can I list my items on your site?
Yes of course, however if you are a professional hire company or wedding vendor we would ask you to create a business account rather than a private seller account. 

Can I sell new items?
As a private seller you can post new items as long as they were bought for your/or a wedding. For example you may have bought a dress but then changed your mind about it, so it still may have its tags on.

Can I only sell items from my own wedding?
No, the items don't solely have to be from your own wedding for example you may want to sell your own wedding dress alongside bridesmaid dresses from different weddings you have been to over the years.

How many items can I upload?
You can upload an unlimited number of items as long as they fit into one of our categories and are wedding related. We reserve the right to take down anything that is inappropriate or not wedding related.

Can I add additional items?
Yes, you manage your own wedding page. You can add additional items (as long as they are wedding related) and delete items, or list as sold, once they have been sold.

How will a buyer contact me?
We have recently introduced an internal messaging system so you will now receive a message to the email address you signed up with. The buyer will not see your email address until you decide to reply. You can then choose whether to give other contact details, for example your phone number, to the buyer.

How does postage work? Does the buyer pay or should I specify pick up only?
It is a good idea to state in your listing if your items are pick up only. For large items, breakable items and those that are high value items pick up by the seller is recommended. If your item can be posted, and you are happy to post it, add the cost of the postage to the total payable. We would suggest using a courier or recorded delivery so that you know that the item has been delivered safely.  

I signed up to the old site, will my log in details still be the same?
Yes if you registered on our previous website your log in details (both as a buyer and seller) will remain the same. Simply enter the email address you signed up with and your password into the log in box on the top right hand corner of the homepage. 

Help, I need to change my email address?
If you need to change your email address simply go into your account/ profile where you can change all your details.

Do you charge commission on each item sold?
We don't charge commission – the charge to list an unlimited amount of wedding items is £10 for a private seller. All the proceeds from the sale are yours. We always recommend using PayPal in order to protect both parties, please note that PayPal does take a commision for payment transactions.

Will you buy my items from me?
No – we offer the facility to list your items only.

How long will my wedding be advertised for?
As long as it takes to sell them or until you choose to take them off the website.

What details should I include?
You should try to include as much information as possible and must always include a photograph; this will make it easier to attract interested buyers. We also have a theme, seasonal and postcode search function, so always make sure you fill in these sections to ensure buyers searching under such categories are directed to your items. 

How do I work out how much to sell my items for?
Although all the items you bought for your wedding will have sentimental value to you, they will not sell for the same amount you paid for them. Have a think about what you would be willing to pay for a secondhand item or list a price bracket that you would be willing to accept offers in the region of. You can also choose to list a single amount to literally sell all your wedding items for. Items that are reasonably priced tend to sell quicker, so if you are in a hurry to sell your items you may want to price them accordingly. 

My wedding has been called off can I literally list all the items that we bought including deposits?
Yes, you can list all your items for a fixed price if you wish. There is also a category for services and deposits.

Do I have to have been married recently to be able to sell items?
No, we accept wedding items from all eras.  For example you might want to sell a selection of wedding related items belonging to your family, for example your wedding dress, your Mum’s dress and your Grandma’s.

How do I know whether my buyer is genuine?
If you have any concerns please get in touch with us immediately. Unfortunately there are some scammers out there. Advice is to be aware of emails that contain bad English or grammar as this can be a sign of a scammer. We suggest that you do not give out your address initially, once the potential buyer seems genuine then you can arrange for the transaction to go ahead. If we become aware of a scammer using our website we will deactivate their account and inform users via our blog and social media. More information can be found on our Safe Selling page.

Here is a reminder of our hints and tips for safe selling:

  • We always recommend using PayPal as it protects both parties. 
  • Alarm bells should ring if someone offers higher than the asking price.
  • Go with your gut instinct if you think that something is not right than it is probably not a genuine buyer.
  • Scam artists often get in touch about high value items such as wedding dresses, rather than small value items.
  • The majority of our buyers are women - ask yourself why would a man be in touch about buying a wedding dress? 
  • Wedding items are very personal and as such there is often lots of lovely dialogue and interaction between the buyer and the seller.

I have been offered a higher price for an item, than the price I listed. Should I accept this?
Advice is to never proceed with a transaction that offers more than the price of your item. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you are concerned about a buyer please contact us so that we can look into it and deactivate their account if necessary.

I have been approached by someone who wants to pay via cheque and they are offering me a price than advertised.
Cheque overpayment fraud is when a fraudster pays a business for goods or services by a fraudulent cheque. The cheque is made for a higher than the actual value.The business reimburses the fraudster with the excess amount of money that was apparently paid to it, before it discovers that the cheque was not genuine. Cheque overpayment fraud is often a method used for goods and services sold through classified adverts.

Can I view an item first before committing to buy it?
This is between you and the seller to arrange. If you are buying a high value item, or a number of items, we suggest that you visit the buyer first to check that you are happy with the item/s. Any marks or faults should have already been pointed out by the seller.

Do we need to sign anything to confirm that a sale has taken place?
We would recommend that you both sign to say that an exchange has taken place. It is up to the buyer whether they agree to a return’s policy, should there be any dissatisfaction at a later date.

Should I accept cheques?
We do not advise you accept cheques. If you do, our advice would be to never part with any item until the cheque has cleared and you have confirmed this with your bank.

What if I forget my password?
Go to 'Forget Your Password' enter your email address and your password will be emailed to you.

Why should I sell with you?
Sell My Wedding is dedicated to the buying and selling of used or pre-loved wedding items. It is visited by exactly the audience you want to reach - brides-to-be and their families. Also unlike auction sites, where listings are only live for a few days on Sell My Wedding your items stay live until they sell.

How do I list an item as sold?
Simply go into your account, edit item, click the sold box at the top of the page and then save. This will then display the item as sold.  You can also choose to delete the item or deactivate it.

I have tried to add an item but it hasn't worked!

First check that you have added a category from the drop down list. Each item must have been added to at least one main category. This is the main reason why an item won't have been added. It is also worth checking that your photos are under 2mb in size. If you still have problems please get in touch via email >>   

Help I can’t upload my photographs!
Each photograph needs to be under 2mb in size. If you want to check how big your photo is go to properties and it will tell you. To reduce the size of your photo simply open your photograph and go to Edit Picture. On the right hand side at the bottom go to resize, which is located under change picture size. Click on ‘Predifined width x height’ and then web-small. If you then save this photograph and upload it again, it should work.  

What type of photographs should I use? Are professional images best?
If it is possible we would recommend using photographs from your wedding as this way it gives Buyers a better idea of how the items were used and how they looked.

Please make sure though that you have unrestricted permission to use any professional images as we may use them on social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to help sell your items as well as in our newsletter. Please see our T&Cs for the small print.

Please feel free to credit your photographer at the bottom of your listing or use images with mater marks as we want to keep everyone happy! If you are in any doubt if you can use the images, always best to check with the photographer first.

How do brides hear about Sell My Wedding?
We market the website both online and in print media. To find out where we have been featured visit ourPress page. 

I have a business, can I set up an account as a private seller?
If you are in the wedding business and have secondhand, preloved, vintage, sample or items to hire you can register as a vendor. This means that for a one off payment of just £25 (limited offer) you can upload an unlimited amount of wedding items as well as post details about your business as well as a logo and photographs.  Please don’t register as a private seller unless you have items from your own wedding to sell.

Do you protect my email address and contact details?
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We protect your privacy and will not ever sell or rent your details to anyone. If you have any concerns about a buyer please contact us immediately. To read more visit our Privacy declaration.

I have registered as a buyer and now want to sell my items?
Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for shopping on Sell My Wedding. Yes if you have already registered as a buyer all you need to do is go into your account and click on the upgrade button. This will then change your account to a seller account once the PayPal fee has been paid. You can then start adding your items for sale.

My item has not sold am I able to relist it so that it appears at the top of the recent listings?
Yes we do not have any problems at all with you re listing your item. It may be worth looking at the price and adding 'reduced' into your title or looking at what categories it appears in as you can list it in up to three categories.

What is the best way to contact you?
The best way to contact us is via email and we will promise to reply within 24 hours. You can also fill in thecontact form or drop us a tweet.