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4x Flower Hoop Hanging Decorations


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£800.00 o.n.o.

I have 4 of these hoop structures all identical in their construction. They have metal hoops at the core, bound with white padded foam to create a 'fuller' hoop. This was then wrapped with a hessian ribbon. We then used waxed cord in a range of bright colours to create the dreamcatcher effect. Our florist added the artificial flowers and ribbons. They are approximately 300cm long and 90cm tall. They have been constructed as one solid piece but can be split into 2 smaller sections and connected back together.

Three of the hoop structures have the dreamcatcher effect in all hoops. The fourth hoop structure had a hand drawn picture hung from the centre 70cm hoop on our wedding. I can add the same dreamcatcher effect to this to make all 4 identical if need be but it currently has an open hoop as we have removed the image of us.

Ideally I would like to sell all 4 hoop structrues to one buyer however I am open to selling them as a single item with price to be negotiated. 

As these are a large constrution standard postal delivery is not possible. Preferably the buyer would collect from me. We can delivery at the cost of van hire to transport the hoop structures. 

Payment is through paypal only.




Approx 300cm long and 90cm tall



Last updated

02 February 2021

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